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Isao Nakanishi, a professional in Japan tourism and career and job hunting support for foreign students, writes this blog with the concept of “I want to give as many tourists and foreign students as possible a chance to enjoy Japan and work in Japan”.

Visit Japan

Japan is a long and narrow country with four distinct seasons and is blessed with a great deal of nature.The first thing to look forward to when you travel to Japan is eating Japanese food. Japanese food, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage (sushi, miso soup, and local dishes from all over Japan). ) and Japanese sake, as well as curry and ramen, which were originally developed in Japan from food originating overseas. The next thing you can do is to take a look at the nature and landscape of Japan.

Secondly, I also recommend the nature and landscape of Japan. When you say “Japan”, you’ll see skyscrapers, dazzling neon lights, the latest technology, and more. Although many people think of it as a place to visit, there is more to see than the cities. Beautiful and noble Mt. Fuji, the magnificent bamboo groves of Arashiyama (Kyoto), the beautiful temples and gardens scattered around the country and magnificent, rugged mountains.

You will also be able to enjoy the history, traditional culture and hot springs.

Study in Japan

Japan is a country with many Nobel Prize winners. Behind Japan’s economic growth as a manufacturing powerhouse with no natural resources is a combination of the excellent education it has received. We have the knowledge and technology. Electric cars, digital cameras, fiber optics, artificial hearts, and other cutting-edge scientific and medical technologies. We have been introducing our products to the world. Instant ramen and karaoke, which have changed the world’s diet, also originated in Japan.

The culture of ingenuity and creativity to create creative products is deeply rooted in Japan. In addition, Japanese schools not only provide students with academic skills, but also with the opportunity to develop their humanity, which is useful when they go out into the world. The school is highly regarded by international students.

Work in Japan?

While Japan’s IT market is expanding globally with the advent of new technologies such as AI and IoT, the From the IT industry to the traditional craft industry, there is a serious shortage of workers and successors in the industry. In order to solve this problem, the Japanese government and companies want to take advantage of your skills as a foreigner. I’m thinking about it.

Life in Japan is very comfortable. We have the longest life expectancy in the world because of our healthy diet and medical system. Other benefits include low crime rates and efficient and punctual public transportation, which provides a safe and secure You should be able to live your life.

Customers reviews

ISAO and I have been friends since our study abroad days. I have the impression that he gets along easily with many people, regardless of their nationality.
Adam Sendler
I'm actually an ex-girlfriend of the ISAO. We had a lot of fights over cultural differences, but he tried as much as he could to get to know my home country, Australia. They've tried to understand the culture. Eventually, he dumped me, but now we're best friends.
Mila Kunis
I met him at a seminar when I was looking for a job in Japan. We went straight to a cafe and he taught me about Japanese society and culture. I wouldn't be where I am today without the ISAO. Thank you so much!
Mike Sendler
Web Analyst